PRODUCTS | The Kellie & Jerri Show

Here are the awesome products I talked about on the Kellie & Jerri Show this week. I’ve included the links for each product. Hope you love them as much as I do!

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MARC JACOBS BEAUTY | O!Mega Bronzer $49 at Sephora

This Bronzer gives the prettiest glow without turning orange! I’ve used this on almost every single female client & it’s never too dark! If you’re not sure you want to spend that kind of money on a bronzer, just know that I use it every time I put makeup on & this has lasted me over a year!

I apply bronzer where I’d normally place blush, as well as the edges of the forehead, cheeks & chin. The perimeter of the face should always be a hint darker than the center of the face, doing it this way will give the illusion of a well lit & barely contoured face.


SONIA ROSELLI | Instant Exfoliation Spray $42 at

This product will CHANGE YOUR LIFE….ok, if it doesn’t change your life, it’ll for sure change your face! I use this at least 2 times a week & then on days my face feels rough or looks dull.

SEXAPEEL is an instant skin “perk up”!!! I promise your skin will never have felt this soft! EVER!!! I bathe in it if I could!

This will also work wonders on the back of rough arms , ingrown hairs, spray tans gone wrong AND I’ve never known anyone have a reaction to this product…no matter how sensitive your skin.


Lancome Eyelash Curler | $23 at Sephora

You don’t HAVE to use an eyelash curler that’s expensive but out of the 40 or so lash curlers I’ve tried, this one works best on the majority of my clients.

When you curl your lashes, do it in 3 sections… at the lash base, middle of the lashes & on the tips! I don’t suggest heating the lash curler first bc I would hate for you burn your lashes.


Here’s a Tweezerman option that’s good, on Amazon & only $12 !!!

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